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Hudson Falcons - Sleep, drive, rock 'n' roll, repeat

Страна: США
Жанр: punk
Упаковка: DigiPack
Дистрибьютор: I Hate People Records
Каталожный номер: IHP 022-2
Цена: 400 руб.
1 Working Class War  
2 Monahan's  
3 Free Lori  
4 Revolution  
5 Different Breed  
6 Johnny Law
7 Sleep, Drive, Rock 'n' Roll, Repeat  
8 Scab  
9 Cocaine And Blowjobs 
10 Never Compromise
11 Jersey City Streets  
12 Latin Knights 
13 Lonely Girl  
14 Lost Souls In The Rain  
15 I Just Want To Dance  
16 Goin 'Back To South Texas  
17 Ghost Of Frank Sinatra 
18 Down The Dark Highway
19 Masters Of War